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Who is Jason Suzuki?
I'm a people person who is very solution-oriented. Based on my real-life experiences, my life has been quite a journey as I've gone from majoring in philosophy as a pre-law to being a substitute teacher in the District of Mendota to founding my own employee benefits business.

Despite the obstacles I've encountered in my personal and professional life, I remain grateful for the opportunities that have propelled me to where I am today. 

I've always been passionate about insurance and helping small business owners realize how impactful employee benefits can be to their employee retention rate and overall growth trajectory- this is what drove me to start Suzuki and Associates.

Apart from insurance, teaching has always been very close to my heart, and through The Jason Suzuki Show, I can provide valuable insights to rookie entrepreneurs and business owners in general to help them grow their businesses. 

One thing I've learned from being a teacher is that the lessons quite literally never end. So, I'm looking forward to learning a lot from all your experiences, and I hope we can journey together.
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